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Angel Grove, California, is a massive metropolis situated on the west coast of the state of California, said to be five times larger than the city of Los Angeles. The city is divided into five main districts: Angel Grove North , Angel Grove SouthAngel Grove EastAngel Grove West, and Angel Grove Central, with each district described as being large enough to be cities in their own right. It is said that the city sits on a nexus of magical energy that is guarded by the "Five Stars of Heaven." 

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Ultimate Power Rangers

In early 2001, Angel Grove was attacked by the forces of Bandora for the first time, and would repeatedly be the site of attacks by various villainous factions for most of the next decade or more. The villainous factions would be drawn to Angel Grove due to it being situated on a nexus of magical energy, said to be guarded by the "Five Stars of Heaven," or the Power Rangers, more specifically the Heaven Star Task Force Power Rangers, the second group of Power Rangers that protected the city's residents from the forces of evil, after the Battle Task Force Power Rangers. Countless lives are lost in the city in varoius attacks beginning in 2001, and the city's residents must choose whether to remain in the city and rebuild after each attack, or flee the city. 

Northeast of the Angel Grove metropolitan area is a mountainous area, where the Command Chamber is located.


  • It is not known exactly where Angel Grove is located in California. At first glance, it would be expected that Angel Grove would take the place of real-world Los Angeles, California, but Los Angeles is later specifically stated to also exist in the Ultimate Power Rangers universe, leaving the exact location of the mega-metropolis up for debate. 
  • The sheer enormity of the entire Angel Grove metropolitan area is often referenced throughout the series, with areas of the city sometimes being compared to other large, real-world metropolitan areas. For example, Angel's Square is described as being even larger and more awe-inspiring than New York's Times Square.
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