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Eltar was a planet located far away from Earth, whose residents had written an ancient prophecy that would come to pass on Earth beginning in the year 2001.

A planet near the Galactic Core, often thought of as the hub of trade and commerce across the galaxy. The planet had two main races, the human-like Eltarians and the elf-like Moon Elves. Zordon was from this world, which had one of the few remaining mage academies and praxiums in the galaxy.

Government- The planet was governed by the Eltarian Court, which had a five-member Ruling Council. The Ruling Council was the executive branch of the planetary government. The other two branches of the Eltarian Court were the legislative Parliament and the judiciary Judges of Thymis. Eltar had four main continents divided into 13 peripheries, which were further divided into 54 prefectures.

Religion - The main religion of the planet was the Church of the Light. The Church of the Light was more of a philosophy, in that its followers didn't worship a specific deity. They followed the Light, the force of good in the universe. The Church of the Light was established after Zordon defeated and imprisoned Lord Zedd more than 1 million years ago. The Church of the Light was to ensure that the shadow of evil would never again fall on the world. The Church of the Light replaced the Church of the One God as the dominant religion. The Church of the One God and its beliefs were brought to Eltar by invading forces from the planet Zarkadia, homeworld of Lord Zedd, before Zedd fully turned to the forces of evil. The Church of the One God still exists, but its followers are only about a third in number compared to the Church of the Light. Before the Church of the One God, the people of Eltar worshiped a pantheon of gods similar to the Greek gods on Earth. Some still worship the pantheon of gods. The Moon Elves worshiped the Goddess of the Moon, Alune, who they believed saved them from being wiped out by Sauron eons ago, at the beginning of recorded time.

Races- The native species were Eltarians and Moon Elves. The Eltarians appear human. The Moon Elves were said to be the first humanoid race to evolve on Eltar. Their skin was tinted with shades of blue or violet. They had long, pointed ears. They were mostly secluded on a northern continent but took part in the planet’s government and economics.

Eltarian Prophecy of the Dragon

Tragedy will set his path. The Dragon, born of rage, born of hate, will rise on the winds of death. The earth will shake. The heavens will tremble. And all will know fear. His pain will blanket the skies. Born of the Light. Born of the Shadow. HIs path to redemption will herald the End to All Things. The savior. The destroyer. The end to us all." (BTFPR: Prologue)