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At the end of his ancient war against Mephisto, the Lifegiver managed to banish and seal the Dark One into the core of a world known as Hades. Using the last of his energy, he banished into its own dimension, known as Hell or the Netherworld, where it became a prison for Mephisto and, eventually, demons and the souls of the damned.

Hell can be divided into a number of distinct sections, most prominently the Nine Rings, with each one similarly desolate but distinct in its landscape. The spawning place of demons, it is a violent world of destruction, barren and filled with suffering.



  • The Sanzu River
Not fully a part of Hell, the Sanzu River, or Limbo, encircles Hell as a barrier between it and the normal universe. Allowing the souls of the damned to pass into Hell once they have abandoned all hope, the Sanzu is home to several ferry vessels, such as Charon, as well as the Gedoushou. Among the damned, unbaptized infants reside here if their parents' beliefs doomed them to this existence.
  • The First Circle
  • The Second Circle
  • The Third Circle
Lady Freelyn of the Ciracadyn Clan, Cerebus
  • The Fourth Circle
  • The Fifth Circle
  • The Sixth Circle
  • The Seventh Circle
Xeria of the Shadow Clan
  • The Eighth Circle
Mordanthos of the Thaimoc Clan
  • The Ninth Circle
  • The Lesser Hells
  • Denzoberranzan
  • The Core

Notable Individuals