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Formed in order to bring about harmony, The One Power has existed since before time itself. Formed as an extension of the powers of magick that came from The Lifegiver, it was to aid him in bringing peace throughout the universe. However, the Power developed a will of its own and began to will not only harmony but balance, leading to the release of the evil of Mephisto to counter the Lifegiver's good nature. Ever since then, it has been used by forces of both good and evil for purposes of order and chaos, keeping the universe in a constant state of balance, but not harmony.

The earliest actions of the One Power were as an extension of the Lifegiver's own, unique energy, known to most as magick.

Channeling the One Power

No matter what way the One Power is used, it is channeled through one of five different aspects of a being: the Body, the Mind, the Soul, the Spirit, or the Totem Animal.


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Known Wielders

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