Year One: The Dragon Rises

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The six Battle Task Force Power Rangers
Battle Task Force Power Rangers
is the primary series of the first year of Ultimate Power Rangers, called The Dragon's Rise. The series introduces the Ultimate Power Rangers universe and centers around the struggle between the Power Rangers and the forces of Bandora. The series takes place in the year 2001, and takes place concurrently with the secondary series, Kamen Rider Black. The series features 27 installments and a prologue installment, and establishes the character of Tommy Oliver as the primary character of the entire Ultimate Power Rangers series. The series appears to be a loose adaptation of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and borrows elements and several characters from the anime series Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, better known as Ronin Warriors in the USA.

The events of Battle Task Force Power Rangers was chronicled under the title, "Book One: The Dragon's Rise." The title, "The Dragon's Rise," is a nod to the character of Tommy Oliver beginning to fulfill his destiny as "the Dragon" throughout the season, though this is not readily apparent at first.

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The first season of Ultimate Power Rangers takes place in the year 2001 in Angel Grove, California, and introduces the overall storyline that will continue to play out in serialized format throughout the run of Ultimate Power Rangers and into its second incarnation, Ultimate Power Rangers: New Generation. The series is a loose adaptation of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, with elements from the anime series Ronin Warriors also present in the form of several evil villains. The series at first focuses on the core five Battle Task Force Power Rangers, five teenagers whose lives were changed forever when they were given the powers of the Power Rangers to combat Bandora's evil forces, led by the evil Dragon Ranger. Over time, the true identity of Dragon Ranger is revealed as Tommy Oliver, who had been operating under an evil spell cast upon his mind by Bandora. Once free of the spell, Tommy joins forces with the Power Rangers, and the series' primary focus then becomes Tommy's quest for redemption following the nefarious deeds he committed while he was employed by Bandora. Meanwhile, Bandora's underlings slowly but surely lose faith in the witch's ability to lead them to victory over the Power Rangers and begin to plot against her....


Battle Task Force Power Rangers

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Tyranno Ranger: Jason Scott

Mammoth Ranger: Zack Taylor

Tricera Ranger: William "Billy" Cranston

Tiger Ranger: Trini Kwan

Ptera Ranger: Kimberly Hart

Dragon Ranger: Tommy Oliver


Professor Koji (Prologue-2)

Simon Kaden (1-)

Maya Koji (1-)


Sensei Mugensai

Chelsea Oliver

Mrs. Applebee

Shannon Parker




The tale of the original Power Rangers in their fight against Bandora.

Prologue: Written in Legend
Chapter 1:The Battle Begins
Chapter 2: Seeking Answers
Chapter 3: The Story Unfolds
Chapter 4: Finishing Extinction
Chapter 5: Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 6: Life's Lessons
Chapter 7: Sidelines
Chapter 8: Feeling Blue
Chapter 9: In Training
Chapter 10: The Harshness of Neglect
Chapter 11: Secrets Revealed
Chapter 12: Corrupting the Soul
Chapter 13: Breaking Free
Chapter 14: Redemption
Chapter 15: Making Friends
Chapter 16: Young Dragon
Chapter 17: The Scorpion's Trap
Chapter 18: Struggling with Revenge
Chapter 19: The Green Candle
Chapter 20: The Golden Shield
Chapter 21: Only Helpless
Chapter 22: Regaining Strength
Chapter 23: Kyra's Face
Chapter 24: Betrayal
Chapter 25: The Son of Evil
Chapter 26: The Coming of DaiSatan
Chapter 27: The Palace Falls

As a side story, the Dragon Rises also featured the tale of Kamen Rider Black Sun and his battle against the villainous Gorgom Syndicate.

Chapter 1: